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Here's a small collection of images of the course.

For the record, each hole on the course has been given the name of a street or other landmark in Rugeley.

The 1st Hole - 'Bank Top'

The 2nd - 'Cherry Tree Way'

The 5th - 'Finches Hill'

11th - 'The Arches'

The 13th - 'Ashtree'

The 14th - 'Horsefair'

The tee for the 16th Hole - 'Hawthorn Way'

The 18th - 'Sheepfair'

Presentation Night 1st March 2008.
Left to Right - Club Professional Phil Cary, 2008 Vice Captain Steve Yates,
2008 Club Captain Jason Cope, 2007 Club Champion and Captain 2003 Paul Andrews
and Captain 2002 Mark Yates.
All former members of the Club's Junior Section.

Presentation Night 6th March 2010.
Ladies' Champion Karan Wood, Club Captain Alan Malpass and Club Champion Paul Corbett.

Presentation Night 6th March 2010.
Captain 2009 Steve Yates, and Captain 2010 Alan Malpass with Clubman of the Year 2009 and 2010 Vice Captain, Alan Kingston.